A series of seven stencils sprayed in the uptown area of minneapolis as an alternative "state of the nation" street address on presidents day, the 17th of February 1997. This site is a recreation of the original site that was lost in the chaos of changing servers many years ago. It would of probably stayed lost if it wasn't for Lol G's asking c6 to lecture on stenciling at St Martins school of art London.

The famous or infamous people that were chosen for this street gallery were picked because they were very much in the eye of the American media at the time. Their investigations were travesties either leading to acquittal or to trials by the media. The injustice that their cases brought to the fore made Americans examine their legal system and these people and their cases were the topic of conversation for most of the year.

All of them came from well off backgrounds or had achieved elements of successful in their respective fields. The depth of the violence from those that should of known better prompted this street gallery by c6 who were amazed at the lack of justice in the land of the free.

All were accused except Jon Bennett Ramsey who was the only victim among them, her sad story prompted this project

Micheal Jackson David Koresh Bill & Hillary Clinton Jon Bennet Ramsey O.J.Simpson Menendez Brothers

Pictures from the gallery