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The joker in the global bunker was carried out over the 6th 7th and 8th of February in both Oslo, Norway and Christchurch, New
Zealand in both urban and residential areas. Planned to coincide with a meeting of like minds at a secret bunker in the frozen north C6 and The C6 Disaster Unit (NZ) deployed our jokers the weekend before the 'Stop the war' marches Febuary the 15th 2003. The rising tide of feeling on the streets would culminate a week later. Product placement in the psyche of this groundswell of rebellion is important to us at c6 as is developing c6's strategies of local global collaboration.
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Photographs of the event taken by c6 Slovenia

You too can join in on the fun! Down load the following files to print cut and keep.

Oslo, Norway.
Christchurch, New Zealand